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On Breathing

Breathing is the first.

After watching my partner grow our daughter from two cells, I am convinced that life begins then, at the joining of two cells (the one—space—to the two—sperm and ovum—to the three—embryo). Yet there is undeniably a shift that happens when the first breath is taken. Perhaps it is simply the first thing that you do on your own. Until that first breath outside the womb, mother and child are one (one and not one). And then the lungs fill with air from the world and mother and child change (not one and one).

Buddhist meditation practices often begin with breathing. Yoga postures use the breath to connect the mind and the body. The foundational practice of many Chinese martial arts, zhan zhuang qigong, is a standing posture and steady, relaxed breathing.

Why I Practice Acupuncture

Acupuncture is not a typical career choice. High school seniors don’t go to job fairs and hang out at the Chinese medicine table. So we are often asked: “How did you get into acupuncture?”

In the beginning, I answered the way I had heard other practitioners answer. Many years later, as I started to understand it better, I saw how wrong this story was. It is the apparent answer. It is the series of events, the things. But in truth, my coming to this work is more like a string being tuned.

Tai Chi in the Time of COVID

Our lives are more separate than ever. We find ourselves in bubbles that are much smaller than we would like. The weaving of tradition and individual created by Tai Chi practice is a balm. It can help us connect to something bigger than ourselves, outside of space and time, while at the same time providing a solitary activity that supports individual physical and mental health.

Treating 7 Types Of Pain With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is famous for natural pain relief. To make sense of why and how acupuncture treats pain, we have to explore pain itself. But not nerve pathways, pain gate theory, neurotransmitters, or any of that.

This is about the experience of pain.

Healing pain has to match the specific quality of pain that someone experiences.

Science of Stretching

Stretching is widely accepted as a good thing to do, but the question is whether there is a right way to do it. Do you reach and hold it? Do you bounce? Do you get a trainer to do it for you?

5 Reasons Every Toronto Company Needs A Wellness Program

A company is only as good as the people who work there. From the people who hold the guiding vision to those who keep the computers working, people create the capacity, culture and future of a company. One of the best things you can do for your company is support the health and wellbeing of its people. An effective wellness program increases productivity and engagement, is a key factor in recruitment and retention, saves the company money on health insurance and sick days, and helps develop a strong and positive workplace culture.

What Is Classical Acupuncture?

We are constantly interacting with the rhythms of our natural environment.

The cycles of day and night (circadian rhythm), the four seasons (circannual rhythm), and the monthly lunar phases are the three fundamental cycles for life on Earth. We know that creatures of all kinds, from birds to insects to mammals, change their behavior based on daily, monthly and seasonal cycles.

As for those weird animals called human beings, those cycles continue to affect our physical and mental physiology, even when we try so hard to fight against them.

Midwinter's Night

January 1 marks the new year for most of us, but it does not sync with anything in nature. That might be why ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ on January 1 are notoriously impossible to stick with. The Chinese New Year, on the other hand, gives us a brilliant image to help us create change in our lives.

Acupuncture & Science

The reason why we have trouble understanding the mechanism of acupuncture, and proving its efficacy through double-blind randomized controlled trials, is exactly the reason why we need acupuncture and Eastern medicine frameworks in our health care system.
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