Why I Practice Acupuncture

Acupuncture is not a typical career choice. High school seniors don’t go to job fairs and hang out at the Chinese medicine table. So we are often asked: “How did you get into acupuncture?”

In the beginning, I answered the way I had heard other practitioners answer. Many years later, as I started to understand it better, I saw how wrong this story was. It is the apparent answer. It is the series of events, the things. But in truth, my coming to this work is more like a string being tuned.

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Tai Chi in the Time of COVID

Our lives are more separate than ever. We find ourselves in bubbles that are much smaller than we would like. The weaving of tradition and individual created by Tai Chi practice is a balm. It can help us connect to something bigger than ourselves, outside of space and time, while at the same time providing a solitary activity that supports individual physical and mental health.

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