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Drawing on the medical and philosophical traditions of East Asian medicine, I host various classes that teach us how to live in harmony with our world.

I am not perfect in this – I cannot say that I have met anyone who is. I am a student myself and I enjoy sharing my experiences with others. 

The dynamic, slippery experience of flow and counterflow – living in accordance with or against the cyclical movements of nature – is always on my mind and in my body. Sometimes I’m in the flow. Other times I am in the counterflow. Some lessons are wisdom that I repeat like a mantra, some lessons I repeatedly fail to learn, but most of the lessons I teach, I have learned the hard way.

I believe that that the practice of living in harmony with our world is one to which we have to bring our entire authentic selves. That means the successes, the failures and the ongoing struggles. And everyone, whether you know it or not, has something to contribute to this work. 

My workshops are interactive and practical. You will learn new things about yourself, new practices to promote health and long life, and a perspective on our modern world from a moment in history, over 2,000 years ago, when people lived in a dramatically different environment, and yet asked many of the same questions we are asking today:

How can I be as healthy as I can? How do I find happiness and joy? What is my relationship to my environment? How do I navigate the harmful aspects of my social group or pressures at work?

These are not new questions, but a perspective that is new to us helps us to find innovative solutions.

Early in my career, I was given the chance to teach students in acupuncture, and then herbal medicine. It was intimidating at the start, but quickly pushed me to be very clear in the theory and to carefully watch the application of theory in my clinical practice.

I teach courses for students and professionals on various aspects of acupuncture and herbal medicine in Toronto, Canada. Please contact me to learn about upcoming courses.

Work is a huge part of our lives. Often it is the activity into which we pour most of our energy – where we are drained, injured and taken away from whatever you might call ‘balance.’

But it does not have to be that. Work can be a pursuit that nourishes us both professionally and personally. Integrating wellness practices into a organization’s culture and design is a powerful tool for increasing employee satisfaction, retention and productivity.

I can help get your workplace engaged in:

  • Wellness Days (featuring any combination of on-site acupuncture treatments, group Tai Chi classes, and meditation & movement classes)
  • Lunch & Learn workshops
  • Organizational practices that support employee wellness
  • Environmental changes to improve connectivity and focus


The content and flow of each workshop is tailored to the group of learners.

Every workshop is interactive, providing exercises that participants can immediately put into practice to improve their health and wellbeing.

My teaching is rooted in two sources:

1) A decade-long apprenticeship with Paul McCaughey, a master of Tai Chi and Systema Russian Martial Arts, and a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. Paul has an understanding of interpersonal dynamics informed by a lifetime dedicated to movement, health and self-knowledge.

2) Professional understanding and personal experience of the natural philosophy and medicine in the Neijing classic of medicine.

The scholar physicians who wrote the Neijing put everything about being human in the context of natural cycles. To understand ourselves in health and in illness, we look outside ourselves to the things that help plants, animals and entire ecosystems thrive.


Whether I am teaching about adapting to seasonal changes or maximizing efficiency and wellness in the workplace, I take a holistic view of the demands of any situation.

My role as a teacher is to help you experience yourself as a part of a larger whole.

Workshops include:

Seasonal Self-Care (specific to the time of year)

Build Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet

Four Seasons In Your Body: What Acupuncture Really Is About, And What It Can Do For You

Wake Up Your Body: An Practical Introduction to Mindful Movement

Tai Chi at Work: How Mindful Movement Will Change Your Life

The Easiest Way To Eat Well

Acupressure Self-Massage

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